covid-19 UPDATE

Dear God’s House Family, 

Our top priority is the health and safety of everyone who attends God's House Church. After speaking to health officials and in accordance with government regulations, we have decided to move service this Sunday, March 22, 2020, to an ONLINE ONLY format. We hope that you will watch us live, at 10am, from the comfort of your home, on our website, You can also watch us on Facebook or YouTube.

Our response to these events should never be out of fear, but we should use wisdom when approaching potentially harmful circumstances. Our faith should be resolute, that no deadly thing will harm us, but our love for others should guide our decision making. We take precautions not because we are afraid, but because our faith, working through love, demands that we do all we can to prevent even one individual from having to suffer illness unnecessarily. 

All of this, of course, can be unsettling. There is so much uncertainty in regards to the short and long term effects of this virus. But this is where our faith has opportunity to thrive! Faith develops and grows stronger in uncertain and unsettling environments. Take this opportunity to place your trust in God, no matter what comes your way.

Please continue to be in prayer with us for all of the individuals and families effected by this disease. With so many businesses closing and events being cancelled, the effects are far and wide. Not only for those who’ve caught the virus, and their families, but also for those losing income as a result.

Let’s take this opportunity to reveal the Jesus living inside of us. We know He is a God of healing, compassion, love, peace, and joy. We need to demonstrate that to a world that doesn’t know Him. Never forget, the only Jesus people may ever see, is the Jesus living in you and me.

God Bless,

Pastor Paul H. Radke, III

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