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Dear God’s House Family,

I pray this message finds you well. We miss all of you, and think and pray for you often. I’m writing you today to discuss our steps forward in regards to resuming our normal service schedule. 

After much prayer and thought given to this matter, we have decided to keep services online only until further notice. I know to many this will come as a disappointment. We all have anxiously been awaiting the day when we can gather once again. 

Although the states requirements for holding service are a factor in the decision, they are not the main factor. Regardless of what the government allows or doesn’t, we each have a responsibility to follow the voice of God in our lives. As Pastor and leader of this congregation, this was not a decision made lightly or with disregard to the many who miss being together. Rather, this decision was made by following the direction of what God is speaking to me.
The direction God is leading must always take precedent in each of our lives.

I believe what God has ahead of us, as a congregation, as the body of Christ, and as a nation, is far greater than anything we could possibly imagine. My hope and prayer is that we will have the strength and fortitude to follow His voice wherever He leads.

We may not always understand it. We may not always feel good about it...but we must choose to always agree with it.

He is not a God who cares little for His people. We know, and believe, God loves us more than anything. If I believe that He loves me that much, than I must also believe that He is pointing me in a direction that is best for me.

I eagerly await the day when we gather together again as a church body. Until then, let us all be in prayer for God’s directions and wisdom, as we each make decisions in the days ahead.

God has not brought us this far to abandon us or forsake us. He that started a good work is faithful and just to complete it. 

I believe a good work has been started in our congregation. I am so excited to see and hear the many testimonies that have been coming forward. I know there are many miracles yet to be manifested. Let’s all continue to press in and find the will of God for our lives.

We are here to accomplish His purpose. Let us never forget the marvelous works He has done and fervently pursue God’s will for our lives.

God bless you. 
We love you,

Paul H. Radke, III
God’s House Church

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